Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary Kanhangad range of Chervathur city Kasaragod

Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanhangad range of Chervathur city, Kasaragod KERALA

Kasargod is a place which is blessed with nature's beauty and tranquility. Parappa Wildlife Sanctuary is one such place which offers both. It also offers natural habitation to many wildlife creatures such as turtle, porcupine, pig, Malabar Hornbill, slender loris and jungle cat.

Blessed with thick cover of evergreen forest and many plants with medicinal value, this sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers.

Parappa is one of the well known Wildlife sanctuaries in Kerala. It is located in Kanhangad range of Chervathur city. The Kanhangad range is the home of many wild species including jungle cats, turtles, peacock, horn bill and many others. 
The forest area also have many medical plants, the whole jungle is covered by green fragmented trees and many herbal plants.

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