Keralamkundu waterfall Near town is Karuvaramkundu Malappuram

Keralamkundu waterfall

Near town is Karuvaramkundu, Malappuram KERALA

This small glittering cascade attracts mostly youngsters who enjoy jumping into the large pool below.  Situated in the buffer zone of Silent Valley National Park, the landscape is green and gorgeous.

The regional centre is Karuvaramkundu, where there are shops and transport. The distance from the shops to the waterfall is about 6 kms.

Similar to Adyanpara, here too you will find rocks that get slippery easily. Hence better to avoid here during heavy rains.

This cascade is known by a few other names - Karuvaramkundu waterfall, Kalkundu falls and Nutmeg Valley waterfall.

According to the scientific facts, this is the oldest Waterfalls formed which is still vibrant and not faded away. As the waterfall situated in the middle of Silent Valley, it is bestowed with a pleasant and composed ambiance. The water will never end up flowing here. Even in Summer, there will be a large estimate of the audience to enjoy having a chit chat with friends. But most of the visitors will be from the neighborhood and, in general, youngsters are more attracted to the spot.

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