Conolly's Plot Nilambur Town Malappuram

Conolly's Plot

Nilambur Town, Malappuram KERALA

Conolly's Plot (also known as Canoli Plot and Canoly's Plot) is the world's oldest teak plantations. It's just 2 kms from the Nilambur town, located in a place called Vadapuram nearer to the Govt Timber depot of Nilambur.

According to the history, the original Teak plantation of 1846 was done by Shri. Chathu Menon under the order and supervision of Mr. H.V Conolly who was the Collector of Malabar between 1841 and 1855. The initial Nilambur plantation was of 1500 acres, and considered as the stepping stone to the foundation of systematic forest management in India. Later in 1933 (20-01-1993) the area was preserved for the research purposes and named as "The Conolly's Plantations". During the world war II, 9.1 acres of teak were chopped off to meet the timber requirements of the allies. The remaining plot is of 5.7 acres and is being preserved and protected by the Kerala Forest Department as Conolly's Plot.

The forest department of Kerala has taken good measures to protect the natural habitat of Conolly's plot. Here you can find rare species of trees, plants, insects, birds, etc. One of the major attractions in the plot is the oldest teak known as Kannimari, it also hosts the remainings of Chathu Menon in its teak gardens.

The two sides of the plot are being bordered by the rivers Chaliyar and Kurinjipuzha, and the other two sides by the dense forests of Kerala. Kurinjipuzha has the purest water in the region on all the seasons and it merges with the Chaliyar at the corner of the Conolly's plot.

One of the oldest teak plantations in the world, the Conolly’s Plot is named after H. V. Conolly, the district collector of Malabar during the British rule, who decided to plant teak to meet the growing demands of teak during that time. Along with a local sub-forest conservator Chathu Menon, he successfully carried out the planting of new teak trees and discouraged felling of immature trees.

One has to cross a beautiful hanging bridge, which is the longest in Kerala, built across river Chaliyar, to reach the Conolly Plot. The plot, developed in the 1840s is home to numerous large teak trees. The plantation also houses a big tree which has a girth of 420 cm.

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