Kanthanpara Waterfalls Wayanad Kanthanpara, 22 km away from Kalpetta Wayanad

Kanthanpara Waterfalls Wayanad

Kanthanpara, 22 km away from Kalpetta, Wayanad KERALA

Imagine a cascade making it way from the area lying between two estates— this is Kanthanpara waterfalls for one and all. This scenic and quaint waterfall is a must visit place for every tourist on a trip to Wayanad. Length of the waterfall is 30 m and is divided into different tiers, making it look simply picture perfect. Locations of the surroundings and its picturesque waterfall make it the best place to campaign.

A beautiful waterfall situated about 22 km away from Kalpetta. Smaller than the Sentinel Rock waterfalls, the Kanthanpara Falls and its surroundings make an ideal picnic spot in Wayanad.

Kanthanpara waterfall (also Kanthenpara) is a unique picnic spot where you could spend quality time with your family or friends. There are two waterfalls surrounded by plantations and the forest.

The narrow road to this cascade is through tea gardens and coffee plantations. Among other crops that enrich the fertile slopes, it is easy to notice banana plants and betel trees.

The hills beyond the waterfall stream are covered by dense forest. So fresh cool air is always there. Invigorating indeed!

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