Vilangan Hills 5 km from the town Thrissur

Vilangan Hills

5 km from the town, Thrissur KERALA

Vilangan Hills, Thrissur is a hillock, set amidst a picturesque locale. Situated on the outskirts of the main city of Thrissur, it is about 5 km from the city center. The hill is covered with verdant green bushes that give it a serene surrounding. The elevation provides a beautiful view of the city of Thrissur. Near the top of the hill, there is also an open air theater. All this and more make Vilangan Hills one of the most favored travel attractions in Thrissur

For the lovers of nature, sunrise and sunset are the preferred times to visit the Vilangan Hills. The Vilangan Hills of Thrissur is popular with the young and old alike. The scenic splendor forms a perfect backdrop for a day out, placid walks, and short trips. The tranquil quietude is loved especially the young couples for whom Vilangan Hills is a favorite haunt. There are special arrangements for the children with protected playgrounds and the schools very often bring these children for picnics and day out.

The Thrissur Vilangan Hills has been converted into an amusement park by the Thrissur District Tourism Promotion Council and at present maintained by this corporation. A nominal entry fee and car parking fee is charged at the check post on the foothills of the Vilangan Hills or Vilangan Kunnu, as it is locally known. The road to uphill is narrow and caution should be maintained at every point, especially during the rainy season when the hill is at its scenic best


This amazing hillock of 50 acres  set amidst in a picturesque locale is the best spot to unwind you. For nature lovers, Sunrise and Sunset are the most preferred time to visit these hills. On the outskirts of Thrissur city lies this verdant green hills in a serene ambience. There is an open air theatre which makes these hills one of the most attractive tourist spots in Thrissur Dist. The scenic splendour forms a perfect backdrop for a day out and an unruffled walk. The marvellous sight of green paddy fields intersepted by water-filled Kole islands, streams and verdant villages makes our trip a fully filled dream to cherish for long. The breath taking views for the adults and the fun filled atmosphere (amusement rides) for children. Due to the solitude and privacy it offers, the place is an adorable one for the lovers.

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