Marari beach Mararikulum Alappuzha

Marari beach

Mararikulum, Alappuzha KERALA

Marari beach, located in Alappuzha district, is one of the fine beaches in the region.

Alappuzha (Alleppy) has two stand out beaches - the mainstream, close to town, Alappuzha beach and the quiet, rustic Mararikulam (Marari) beach.

Mararikulam is first and foremost a fishing hamlet where small wooden boats rest on the sea shore. Modern tourism is yet to arrive, except for a few resorts.

Life that is simple revolves around men going to sea in small boats and bringing in daily catch.

Marari Beach is a perfect location for holidaying with family or friends. This beach in Kerala is eternal with coconut palm trees and golden sands. The beach is quite beautiful and the name 'Marari' arises from 'Mararikulum', which is a local village on the Arabian Sea Coast.

Marari originates from 'Mararikulum', a local fishing village on the Arabian Sea coast. The serenity and tranquility of this beach take beach lovers backwards in time. The indolent pace of local life makes vacationing near the Marari beach a reviving experience. 

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