Prevention measures of  Malaria

Prevention measures of Malaria

Malaria is one of the most common disease in rainy season. It is spread by female anopheles mosquitos.During rainy season there is a problem of water logging 

and mosquitoes get conducive conditions to bread. Malaria is the most dangerous disease in India with highest number of deaths credited to it. Fever at regular 

intervals, bouts of shivering, muscle pain and weakness are the symptoms that a patient shows while suffering from Malaria.


  • Avoid sleeping outside or in the vicinity of areas where mosquitoes like to live, e.g. standing water (tyres, lakes, waste dumps).
  • Always use a bed-net impregnated with insecticides.The room itself should have additional nets attached to the windows and doors. Keep the air conditioning on, as mosquitoes tend to stay out of cool, air-conditioned rooms.
  • Use an insect spray containing pyrethroids (mosquito repellent)in all living and sleeping areas, especially during evening and nighttime hours.
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and trousers in the evening and at night. Additionally, you can treat your clothes with permethrin in order to increase your protection.
  • Insect repellent creams or lotions should be applied to any remaining exposed parts of the skin, especially in the evening and during the night. It is advisable to apply the repellent during the daytime as well.If you are using sunscreen, it should be applied first and the insect repellent second. 

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