Karimeen Pollichathu

Karimeen Pollichathu

Pearl spot or karimeen pollichathu is an authentic Kerala cuisine which attracts a lot of tourists inside and outside the state. This dish is most common in Alapuzha, especially in house boats. Karimeen is mostly available in the Kerala back waters.

Ingredients used in Pearl spot - karimeen fry kerala style
• lime juice 1/2 Numbers.
• coriander pwd 1 Tablespoons.
• Maida 1 Tablespoons.
• cornflour 1 Tablespoons.
• garamasala pwd kerala 1 Pinch.
• gingergarlic paste 1 Teaspoons.
• turmeric 1 Pinch.
• salt as per taste To Taste.
• red chilli powder 1 Tablespoons.
• oil To Fry.
• Karimeen fish 2 Numbers.
• curry leaves 1 Springs.
How to make the recipe:

     Take fish clean and slit both the side of the fish and also stomach Now take a bowl add red chilli pwd,salt,turmuric,gingergarlic paste, coriander pwd, lime juice mix well and divide into two parts In one part for pan fry add coriander leaves, curry leaves finely chopped, and maida mix well and apply to the fish on the both sides, into the cuts, stomach and keep a side for 15-30 min and then pan fry by adding oil till golden in colour .
 Now in another part add cornflour mix well the apply to the fish on both the sides and rest for 15-30min and deep fry the fish till golden in colour.

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