Guruvayoor valiayakeshavan

Guruvayoor valiayakeshavan

Guruvayoor valiayakeshavan is a beautiful elephant in gurvayoor anakotta. 
The owner of the elephant is guruvayoor devaswom.  He has a height of 300 cm . 
he lives in thrissur district in kerala. The major attractions are huge body size, 
long trunk, flat forehead and long legs. His trunk touches the ground. 
Guruvayoor valiyakesavan is born in bihar forest. He brought up in kerala. 
He is the next king after guruvayoor padmanabhan. The name guruvayoor valiyakesavan 
is because he looks like guruvayoor kesavan, the elephant of guruvayoorappan. 
The first owner of valiyakesavan was nakerimana thirumeni. 
He was given valiyakesavan to guruvayoorappan as a vazhipadu. The bright eyes , 
black color, white nails , calm and obedient nature are made more attractive.
he is an inevitable part of festivals. He take part in festivals such as vayilimkunnu pooram,
ampara sreeharmashstha kshetram, vikkam asttami , thirupuram sree krihnaswamy temple 
festival etc.

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