Foods to Keep Teeth Healthy

Foods to Keep Teeth Healthy

  • Apple - Eating apples increases saliva in the mouth and prevents cavity buildup by scrubbing your teeth’s surface.
  • Oranges - Oranges are a rich source of calcium, vitamins C and D, and other nutrients that are good for the health of your teeth.
  • Nuts - Different types of nuts provide essential vitamins and minerals for your teeth. For example, peanuts contain calcium and vitamin D; almonds contain high levels of calcium; cashews help stimulate saliva; and walnuts contain good amounts of fiber, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, niacin, vitamins E and B6, potassium and zinc that are all good for your teeth.
  • Milk - Milk provides calcium and phosphates along with vitamin D, which helps the body make full use of the calcium. All these nutrients are essential for healthy teeth and strong bones.
  • Cheese - Cheese is an excellent food choice to keep your teeth strong and healthy. Cheese is another saliva-generator. It also contains calcium and phosphates that help neutralize acids in your mouth, and casein that helps fortify your teeth’s surface.

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