Lose Weight After Child Birth

Lose Weight After Child Birth

  • Eat everything - Whole grains like wheat, Bajra, and Ragi which not only provide energy to remain healthy and recuperate,but also fibre to add bulk to the meal and keep the food longer in the sytem. Whole grains are a good source of a number of essential Vitamins, and minerals like folate and phosphorus which nourish your baby as well. Adequate Proteins help heal and add satiety to the meal. Include good quality proteins from milk, yogurt, beans, lentils, fish, egg and lean meat, nuts and seeds. Sprouted and fermented grams help increase the bioavailibity of Iron , an important nutrient for post pregnancy nutrition. Nuts and seeds also add essential fats like omega -3 to help your new born develop a healthy brain and nervous system.
  • Drink lots of fluids - Water is by far the best fluid for you. It helps fill you up and research has also found that drinking adequate water helps lose weight. Taking a glass of warm water with meals is a traditional way of improving digestion, there by controlling weight. It helps with feeding your baby too.
  • Get active - Exercise is an important part of reducing the post pregnancy flab the healthy way. If you have had a normal (vaginal) delivery and have been exercising during pregnancy, you can start light exercises after 2-3 weeks when you feel up to it. If you have had a c-section or any other complications during pregnancy then consult your doctor before starting out. Start with light exercises for your back and abdomen and gradually add aerobic and strength training as you go along. Exercise is also helpful in dealing with postpartum depression and relieving stress.
  • Get Enough Sleep - Sleep deprivation, common to new mothers, makes it harder to lose weight. Tiredness increases the levels of Cortisol, which may promote weight gain. Moreover when you are tired or sleep deprived, you may just not care about or feel motivated enough to do anything else. So nap with your baby, catch up on sleep and rest, so that your energy levels remain high and you are able to take good care of yourself to. 

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