Ariyunda(Rice Balls)

Ariyunda(Rice Balls)


  •     Red rice or Rosematta rice (Chemba rice)- 1 cup
  •     Grated Jaggery- 3/4 cup (adjust the sweetness to your needs)
  •     Grated Coconut- 1/3 cup
  •     Whole Cardamom- 2 no’s
  •     Water- 3 tbsp


In a skillet, roast the red rice over medium heat till it starts to give out the roasted smell about 5-7 minutes. Don’t over roast or burn the rice.

In a blender or a coffee grinder, grind the roasted rice to a fine powder without any grains.

In a blender, pulse the grated jaggery, grated coconut and cardamom, this is just to combine them together.

Don’t grind them into a paste.

In a large bowl, using your hands combine the ground rice,  jaggery, coconut and cardamom together. Crush any jaggery lumps in the mixture using your hands.

Add water to the mixture and combine well so that you could make small balls out of it.

Make small balls out of it and keep aside.

Rice balls would turn little harder as it sits for a while.

You could even add nuts, raisins, dates, sesame seeds etc to the ground mixture.

You could store the rice balls in an air tight container, it stays for a couple of weeks.


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