koova payasam

koova payasam


  •     0.33Cup Kuva / Arrow Root Powder
  •     83.33Grams Jaggery
  •     0.33Cup Coconut Slices
  •     0.33Cup Banana Slicesoptional
  •     1.67Cups Water
  •     0.67Tbspn Ghee
  •     0.17Tsp Cardamom powderoptional
  •     16.67Grams each Cashew nuts and Raisinsoptional


Heat ghee in a pan, roast coconut bits, cashew nuts and raisins. Melt jaggery by adding some water,strain it and keep it aside.

Take arrow root powder in a thick bottom pan. Add water and make it to a loose batter. This pour melted jaggery, and add roasted coconut pieces.

Switch on the stove, Stir continuously. Allow it to thick in medium-low flame.

Switch off the flame when kuva payasam become thick, and add sliced banana, cashew nuts and raisins (optional). You can also add cardamom powder in this stage. Mix well. Allow it to cool.

Now our tasty kuva payasam is ready to serve. Enjoy!!!!

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