Ramassery idilly

Ramassery idilly

Ramassery idilly is a famous traditional food of Ramassery village near Elappully in Palakkad district.The shape and taste of this dish is entirely different from the traditional idilly of Tamil Nadu.This is circular in shape like a small dosa.This can be keep for one week without much detioration in taste.


The ingredients and process are almost the same as those for the usual idli.

Soak one kg of good parboiled rice and 150 grams of black gram in separate pots for some hours. Wash and remove the skin of the gram and grind it with a large pinch of fenugreek to a smooth, thick batter. Wash and grind the rice separately and combine the two. Add salt to taste and stir well. Cover it and set it aside for 10-12 hours, overnight preferably, to ferment. Use this batter to make the idlis.

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