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    Zara Dresses, School Unifrom Makers at Palakkad Town

    Services: For School, College Uniforms, Coat, Readymade Dresses Please contact Zara Dresses, Near Moyans Girls School, V.H Road, Palakkad - 678001, Palakkad Municipality, Kerala, India, Phone: 9495658174

    Fine Sun Sports Wear Manjakulam Palakkad

    For Sports Wear, Dresses, T-Shirts, Track Suits, Trousers, Baniyans Reach us via Manjakulam Mosque Back, Palakkad 1, Palakkad Municipality, Kerala, India,Email Id : finesunpkd@gmail.com , WhatsUp : 7558921121,Facebook page : FINE SUN ,Instagram : finesun6070

    New Design Ladies, Kids & Gents Fashion Tailoring

    Mr. Saleem, Chunnambuthara, Vadakkanthara P.O, Palakkad, Phone: 9947719054