Different Collars For Men's Shirts

Different Collars For Men's Shirts

Here are some collar designs for men's shirt

Abbreviated Spread Collar

     Abbreviated Spread Collar shirts looks best without a tie, with the top button left open, together with a sweater or a casual coat. It is well for sports and casual outing

Button Down Collar

     Button Down Collar shirts have small button at tip of collars. this help to remain collar at the right place. It is more prefered by little casual dressing. It is well suited for wear in sporty and casual occasions

Cutaway Collar

     Cutaway Collar are crisp sharp pointed collar points are spaced very wide apart, that makes the collar literally looks horizontal.This spread gives freedom to experiment different knots.

Tab Collar

    The tab collar has a button, or a tab, at the center to bring the collar leaves together that gives this collar a classy and vintage look and feel. Always wear together with tie. It can be wear in formal to sporty occasions

Pin Collar

     Pin Collars has two tiny holes in the collar leaves for using your favorite ornamental collar pin. It is wear only with necktie

The Cuban Collar

    The Cuban Collar is wide and open that gives this collar a relaxed and vacation type of look and feel. It is a casual type collar.It give more sporty look when top buttons are open

Spread Collar

     Spread Collar are collars with crisp pointed ends with spread between collar points. Due to wide space we can try diffrent types of knots in necktie. It is formal shirt collar

Standerd Collar

     Standerd Collars are similar to spread collar except the spread between the collar leaves is smaller that makes these collars give a more elegant and polished looks. Avoid larger tie knots

Golf Collar

     The round points of this collar makes you subtly stand apsrt from the crowd. It was first started as part of school uniform

Wingtip Collar

     The Wingtip Collar is the formal type of collar. The collar tips are folded out look like a pair of wings. Necktie is required for this type of collar 

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