Healthy Habits for Children

Healthy Habits for Children

  • High Protein Diet - Protein helps in building the most important enzymes and hormones in the body.helps in developing the brain and building in the right immune system of the child that helps him throughout his life.So Having High Protein foods help Kids Growth.
  • Basil and Mint - Eating basil boosts up the immune system very well. It helps in fighting with teeth disorders, kidney stones, cold, cough, diabetes, anti cancer etc.So making Basil as daily dish will be healthy.
  • Less sugar intake - Be careful and avoid foods with a lot of sugar. And Also Reduce chocolate intake. the Health problems like diabetes, tooth decay, low calcium absorption resulting in poor bone formation is all the result of excess sugar intake. So make control in Sugar intake of your Child.
  • Have Plenty of water - Water is an important fact that helps in carrying out all vital functions of the body.Circulation, digestion and excretion are the primary vital functions of the body which require good water intake. So water intake Makes Healthy Kid.
  • Frequent meals - Having Male in regular intervals will make your child's body to digest food and helps maintain body weight.
  • Avoid junk food - junk food takes thrice the effort by every concerned organ of the body. So avoid junk foods otherwise poor eating habits may make your child a victim of numerous diseases like obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, poor immunity etc.
  • Exercise and Sleep - Keeping kids physically active and inculcating right exercising habits will makes your child healthy growth.


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