Kunchan Smarakam Killikurissimangalam, Lakkidi Palakkad

Kunchan Smarakam

Killikurissimangalam, Lakkidi, Palakkad KERALA

Regarded as the creator of Ottan Thullal, Kunjan Nambiar is said to have created this art form on being ridiculed for falling asleep during a Chakyarkoothu performance. He created history with his brand new dance form - a solo dance and a classical satirical art form, which always has an absorbent storyline relevant to contemporary issues.

The poet’s house in Killikurissimangalam has been renovated and preserved as a memorial, Kunjan Smarakam. Every year Smarakam celebrates the Navarathri festival in a grand way. The fifth day of May, the birthday of the poet is celebrated with much fanfare as Kunchandinam .

Killikurissimangalam is situated in the village of Lakkidi in Palakkad.

Kunchan Smarakam Fort is a memorial built as a tribute to a famous poet of Kerala - Kunchan Nambiar. The monument has been converted into an institution for young people, where they are trained in the various divisions of satirical art forms of Kerala, including ‘Parayanthullal’. Artistes in this fort are provided training in three-year course on the art forms native to Kerala, including Ottanthullal, Seethamkan Thullal and Parayan Thullal. The celebrations at Kunchan Smarakam Fort, such as Thullal, Navarathri festival, and birthday of the poet (celebrated as Kunchandinam) are organized in a splendid manner. Kunchan Smarakam Fort is a unique destination, which offers a historical site, bearing the buds of arts and literature. The place is unique also because it is the monument which is one of its kinds in India.

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