• Rice - 2 Cup
  • Urad dhal - 1/2 Cup
  • Fenugreek seeds - 1/2 Tsp (5 or 7 seeds)
  • Water - As needed
  • Salt - As needed


Rinse the rice and place it in a large bowl and cover with water. The water should be about 2 inches above the surface of the rice to allow for absorption. Soak for about 6 hours.

Then rinse dahl and place it in another bowl with the fenugreek seeds and cover with water. The water should be about 2 inches above the surface of the dahl to allow for absorption. Soak for about 6 hours.

Grind the urad dhal and fenugreek until dhal become creamy texture. During grinding add water as needed. When complete, remove the dhal from the grinder and place in a bowl.

Grind the rice. Do not need to wash the grinder between grinding the dahl and the rice. Add needed water that the rice soaked in to the grinder. Grind until the mixture is smooth but gritty. Place the rice batter into the bowl with the dahl, add salt, and mix all ingredients.

Allow the mixture or batter to ferment by sitting in a warm place for 8-10 hours. The batter should keep in a large bowl, because it should have grown twice its original size after 8-10 hours. After ferment it should have a frothy appearance. If the batter is too thick to allow for pouring, add some water.

If you have refrigerated your batter, you will need to remove it from the fridge and allow it to sit at room temperature for at least an hour. The dosas work better with room-temperature batter.

Bring the flat tawa (or nonstick skillet or iron griddle) up to temperature for about 10 minutes with medium heat.

Season the tawa. The best way is to prepare and season the tava for making dosas is to pour a few drops of oil on a cut onion and rub the onion with pressure around the pan.

Scoop about ¼ of a cup of the batter out (preferably with a ladle) and pour it into your pan. Use the bottom of the ladle to spread the batter out by starting in the middle and spiraling the ladle outward until the batter has spread to the edges of the pan. You shouldn’t need to put much pressure on the ladle. The size of dosas is your choise.

Cook until the bottom of the batter has browned to your preference and the top has become firm. You may see bubbles emerge and then pop, leaving small holes on the top of your dosa.

Flip it  and cook the top side for about 40 seconds. This step is not needed for too thin dosas, because batter will cooks all the way through from the bottom.

Remove the dosa from tawa. Use caution not to break the dosa.

Serve dosa with coconut chutney, sambar, chicken curry etc…

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