RK Homoeo Clinic, Karimba, Palakkad
RK Homoeo Clinic, Pallipadi, Karimba Grama Panchayath, Mannarkkad Block Panchayath, Palakkad, Kerala - 678597, India, Phone: +91 - 9048 2977 94, Contact Doctor: Dr. M.R Rakesh, BHMS, Consulting Time: 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM
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Fine Sun Sports Wear Manjakulam Palakkad
For Sports Wear, Dresses, T-Shirts, Track Suits, Trousers, Baniyans Reach us via Manjakulam Mosque Back, Palakkad 1, Palakkad Municipality, Kerala, India, Phone: 9947335111, 9447469287,Email Id : finesunpkd@gmail.com , WhatsUp : 7558921121,Facebook page : FINE SUN ,Instagram : finesun6070
Lewasol Corporation - Websites & Mobile Apps
32/48(2), Ram Nagar, Chunnambuthara, Vadakkanthara P.O, Palakkad D.T, Kerala 678 012, India, Ph: +91-8089 8589 08, Email: info@lewasol.com, Website: www.lewasol.com
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Post Office Annasseri, Kozhikode
Annasseri, Thalakulathur Grama Panchayath, Chelannur Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673317, India
Post Office Anakampoyil, Kozhikode
Anakampoyil, Thiruvambady Grama Panchayath, Koduvally Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673603, India
Post Office Karassery, Kozhikode
Ally, Karassery Grama Panchayath, Kunnamangalam Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673602, India
Post Office Akkal, Kozhikode
Akkal, Kayakkody Grama Panchayath, Kunnummal Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673513, India
Post Office Adukkath, Kozhikode
Adukkath, Maruthonkara Grama Panchayath, Kunnummal Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673508, India
Post Office Adivaram Pudupadi, Kozhikode
Adivaram Pudupadi, Puduppady Grama Panchayath, Koduvally Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673586, India
Post Office Abhayagiri, Kozhikode
Abhayagiri, Chekkiad Grama Panchayath, Tuneri Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala-673517, India
Town Employment Exchange Thamarassery
Town Employment Exchange, Thamarassery, Thamarassery Grama Panchayat, Koduvally Block Panchayat, Kozhikkode, Kerala, India, Phone : 0495-2225995
Town Employment Exchange Balussery
Town Employment Exchange, Balussery, Balussery Block Panchayat, Kozhikkode - 673612, Kerala, India, Phone : 0496 2640170
Town Employment Exchange Koyilandi
Town Employment Exchange, Mini Civil Station, Koilandy, Koyilandi Municipality, Kozhikkode - 673305, Kerala, India, Phone : 0496 2630588
Town Employment Exchange Vadakara
Town Employment Exchange, Mini Civil Station, Vadakara , Vadakara Block Panchayat, Kozhikkode - 673101, Kerala, India, Phone : 0496-2523039
Court Complex  Kozhikode
Kozhikode Corporation, Kozhikode Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673032, India Courts Available: 1. Prl. District and Sessions Court 2. I Addiitonal District & Sessions Court 3. II Additional District & Sessions Court 4. IV Additional District & Sessions Court 5. V Additional District & Sessions Court 6. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court 7. Principal Sub Court 8. I Additional Sub Court 9. II Addiitonal Sub Court 10 III Addiitonal Sub Court 11. Principal Munsiff Court-I 12. Additional Munsiff Court-I 13. Principal Munsiff Court-II 14. Additional Munsiff Court-II 15. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-I 16. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-II 17. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-III 18. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court-V 19. Family Court, Kozhikode 20. Special Court/Court of Enquiry Commissioner, Kozhikode 21. Labour Court, Kozhikode 22. Honorary Special Judicial Second Class Magistrate Court, Kozhikode 23. Honorary Additional Special Judicial Second Class Magistrate Court, Kozhikodearad Cases)
Court Complex Koyilandi,  Kozhikode
Koyilandi Municipality, Kozhikode, Kerala 673620, India Courts Available: 1. Sub Court 2. Munsiff Court 3. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court
Court Complex Payyoli, Kozhikode
Payyoli Gram Panchayat, Melady Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673522 , India Courts Available: Munsiff - Magistrate Court
Court Complex Vadakara, Kozhikode
Vadakara Municipality , Vadakara Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673101, India Courts Available: 1. Special Court(NDPS Act Cases)/Additional District & Sessions Court 2. Motor Accident Claims Tribunal 3. Family Court 4. Sub Court 5. Munsiff Court 6. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court
Court Complex Nadapuram, Kozhikode
Nadapuram Gram Panchayat, Kunnummal Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673504, India Courts Available: 1. Munsiff Court 2. Judicial First Class Magistrate Court 3. Grama Nyayalaya, Kunnummal at Kuttiadi
Court Complex Perambra, Kozhikode
Perambra Gram Panchayat, Perambra Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673525, India Courts Available: 1. Munsiff Magistrate Court 2. Judicial First Class Magistrate's Court-II
Court Complex Thamarassery, Kozhikode
Thamarassery Gram Panchayat, Koduvally Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala , India Courts Available: 1. Judicial First Class Magistrate's Court-I 2. Judicial First Class Magistrate's Court-II 3. Gram Nyayalaya, Koduvally at Thamarassery
Court Complex Kunnamangalam , Kozhikode
Kunnamangalam Gram Panchayat, Kunnamangalam Block panchayat, Kozhikode, Kerala 673571, India Courts Available: Judicial First Class Magistrate Court
Taluk Supply Officer, Vadakara
Taluk Supply Office, Mini Civil Station, Vadakara, Vadakara Municipality, Vadakara Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala 673101, Office Phone: 0496 2522472
Taluk Supply Officer, Koyilandi
Taluk Supply Office, Mini Civil Station, Koyilandi, Koyilandi Municipality, Kozhikode 673305, Office Phone: 0496 2620253
Taluk Supply Office, Kozhikkode
Taluk Supply Office, Civil Station, Kozhikkode, pin-673305, Office Phone: 0495 2374885
City Rationing Officer(South), Kozhikkode
City Rationing Office(South), Civil Station, Kozhikkode, Office Phone: 0495 2374807
City Rationing Officer (North), Kozhikkode
City Rationing Office (North), Civil Station , Kozhikkode, Pin- 673020, Office Phone: 0495 2374565
District Supply Office, Kozhikkode
District Supply Office, Civil Station , Kozhikode, Pin-673020, Office Phone: 0495 2370655, Fax: 0495 2370655
Civil Supplies Office, Kozhikkode
Civil Station, Kozhikode, Civil Station P.O, Kozhikode, Kozhikode Corporation , Kerala 673020, Office Phone: 0495 2374798, Fax: 0495 2374798, Email: dsokkd.sch@kerala.gov.in
Mini Civil Station Koduvally, Kozhikode
Kozhikode-Mysore-Kollegal Road, Koduvally Muncipality, Koduvally Block Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, Pincode - 673572
Mini Civil Station Koyilandy, Kozhikode
Koyilandy Muncipality, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, Pincode - 673616, Landline : 0496-2620235
Civil Station Kozhikode
State Highway 29, Eranhippalam, Kozhikode District Panchayath, Kozhikode, Kerala, India, Pincode - 673020
District Employment Exchange Kozhikkode
District Employment Exchange, Civil Station, Kozhikode District Panchayat, Kozhikkode - 673020, Kerala, India, Phone : 0495-2370179
Kozhikode RDO, Kozhikode
Revenue Divisional Office, Civil Station Juma Masjid, SH29, Eranhippalam, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673020, India, Landline : 0495 237 5458
Coaching cum Guidance Centre for SC/ST, Kozhikkode
Coaching cum Guidance Centre for SC/ST, Civil Station ,Kozhikode District Panchayath, Kozhikkode 673020, Kerala, India, Phone : 0495-2731405
Special Employment Exchange for PH, Kozhikkode
Special Employment Exchange for Physically Handicapped, Civil Station New Block, Chelannur Block Panchayat, Kozhikkode District, Kerala - 673020, India, Phone : 0495 2373179


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